Please ensure your match sheet is completed in full EVERY game – fines apply!

Miniroos: U06/W06 - U11/W11     

Juniors: U12/W12 - U18/W18     

Seniors: U21/W21 & above.


Before the game

  • Complete the match sheet in full for each game.  Match Sheets are pre-printed and made available at each ground usually in the Ground Control room. If you’re unsure ask a Ground Controller (orange jacket).
  • Print Coach & Manager Names clearly at the bottom of the match sheet (may be the same person).
  • Print Ground Controller Name at the bottom of the match sheet - must not be same as coach or manager.  (Ground Controller Not required for MiniRoo teams.)

  • Add /Edit Shirt numbers to the match sheet beside each player’s name before the game begins. Each player must have a unique, permanent number.  Players not available to play should be crossed out.  Players whose names appear on a match sheet who have not played in that match should be crossed off the match sheet. Coach/Manager or Administrator can add unique player Shirt Numbers to player in MyCompApp which will then print on Match Sheet. (Shirt Numbers Not required for MiniRoo teams.)

  • The details of any borrowed players must be clearly printed in the Borrowed Players section of the Match Sheet, i.e. Initial, Surname, Team on ID Card, FFA number, and unique shirt number.  Always check borrowing rules – don’t assume, check with a club official.

  • Any suspended players must be/remain crossed off the match sheet.

  • Ensure that ID cards are sighted on the field BEFORE each game (failure to comply may incur $250 fine). The team is subject to forfeiting the match if an ID card is not sighted.  (Not required for MiniRoo teams.)

  • Make sure all players wear the official Club uniform, as well as shin guards.  Failure to comply may incur a $75 fine.

  • Make sure your match ball is of correct size and properly inflated. Failure to take it to the game may incur a $75 fine.

During the game

 Yellow jacket – Team Manager
  • Managers must wear the yellow jacket at all times during games (home and away). This is so you are clearly visible to match officials (including referees). Fines may apply if you don’t.
Orange jacket – Team Ground Control – This can NOT be same person as Coach or Manager
  • A team Ground Control person is responsible for the behaviour of their own spectators and therefore should be amongst the spectators not be located in the technical area, i.e. the bench.   (Not required for MiniRoo teams.)
  • The team Ground Control person must wear the orange jacket at all times during games (home and away). This is so you are clearly visible to Referees and Club Ground Controllers. Fines may apply if you don’t.
  • Where both the home team and away team are playing  at K2/K3/SS1 or at a satellite field each team is to supply two (2) ground control persons, refer to SSFA Rule 30.D.

After the game 

  • After the referee has signed the sheet - check the score on the match sheet and then sign the sheet.   If agreement cannot be reached on the score or the identity or eligibility of any player(s), then the sheet is to be signed and a notation recorded and signed on the back of the match sheet. To ensure this is investigated by SSFA you MUST notify your Club Secretary (good idea to take a photo of the match sheet, front & back, and attach).
  • Ensure you have all team ID cards after the match.  (Not required for MiniRoo teams.)
  •  If a player has been sent off for any reason, YOU MUST do one of the following:
    • Immediately at end of match give the Referee the players ID card.
    • If the referee has left ask a club committee member at ground control if they can take the players ID card to SSFA office with the club’s match sheets.
    • Take the players ID card to the SSFA office which is located at Harrie Dening Football Centre, Bates Drive, Kareela (first left after turning off the Princes Hwy). Place the players ID card into the blue marked letterbox at the driveway entrance.

SSFA MyCompApp will continue to be used for all Fixtures. 

Download SSF MyCompApp for Android (Google Play) or Apple (App store) and access your team and fixture information on your smart phone.