Borrowing Players 

Breaches of Borrowing Rules can cause your team to lose your match!
Make sure you check the current SSFA Rule Book when Borrowing players for your team.

Most common breaches of borrowing rules:

  • Borrowing a player that is too young
  • Borrowing a player from incorrect allowable age group & grade
  • Borrowing too many players
  • Borrowing too many players from a team within the same grade. E.g U13B/1 & U13B/2
  • Not listing a Borrowed player on the match sheet
  • Borrowing players more than the allowed number of times within the season without requesting a player regrade
  • Don’t leave it up to an agreement between your team and your opposition

Always refer to SSFA Rules on Borrowing players, head to 

2024 SSFA Rule Book

2024 MiniRoos SSFA Rule Book

If you are still unsure of anything contact your club Secretary or President for assistance.